When To Go To The ER

Rocky Mountain Hospital For Children


I worked on this immersive Facebook ad during my time at BPD Advertising. Rocky Mountain Hospital For Children, identified the pain point of parents not knowing what warrants a trip to the emergency room when it comes to their kids.

I was the art director on this project, working closely alongside our social content strategist. We immediately loved the idea of putting together a targeted Facebook ad, that provided more of a beneficial experience with helpful and digestible takeaways. We knew that the typical hurdle in an ad like this, is getting the user to even click into the ad. We needed to quickly capture attention, while concisely presenting the topic.

I created a very short and simple animation in After Effects, that would serve as the attention grab. This was paired with a short few sentences written by our content strategist. This post ended up being one of the higher clicked through ads for this client.

This happened to be one of my early projects for this client. Because of this, I wanted to be able to offer something beyond the ad. Previous creative for this client, consisted of flat colored backgrounds, with children overlaid on them. There also didn’t seem to be a consistent color palette. Just because this was pertaining to such a serious topic, didn’t mean that it had to visually look serious and scary. I wanted to make this a little more light hearted while also still providing real and serious information. I used the lighter pastel colors throughout the ad and only used lifestyle imagery that I felt was modern and friendly. I also tried to incorporate some type of background item (walls, fences etc) to better anchor the kids in the photos and also create more of an environment/depth.

The client was very happy with the result, and happy with the new visual direction.


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