Rewards App

Cricket Wireless


While working at Hacker Agency, I did a lot of different work for Cricket Wireless. At the time, they had just launched a rewards app that was struggling to gain momentum. At first, our team was tasked with creating these small pieces of content around the latest offers and deals (shown on the left). We were creating pages and pages of these things, on a weekly basis. These tiles were found all throughout the Cricket Rewards app.

The app however, still seemed to be lacking something. We kept getting these requests for more tiles and ads, but then took it upon ourselves to take a step back and think through the app as a whole. Rather than overload the app with content, we wanted to take a stab at the experience of the app and pitch a re-design.

We had a phenomenal team in place for Cricket, and a good relationship with the client. I worked closely with our director of user experience to create this re-design. Our pitch was well received, and a lot of the designs were implemented, however it turns out that there were already plans in place to get rid of the app altogether.

Working on this project was a great learning experience, as it was one of my first experiences working with re-designing an app interface. We worked very well as a team, and were able to show our client a broader range of capabilities.


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